Artist Statement

Art is a synthesis of my life and the true expression of the themes and beauty I value all around me. Whether it is Tribal Exploration, Landscapes, or Abstract Expressionism, I find myself able to channel mystic breezes flowing through air of my outdoor studio on a balmy New Orleans afternoon, entering an alluring trance and zone of creativity that literally animates my subjects to life. I draw upon my travels and my reading to explore tribal deities, imagining the gold that flowed within the hearts of the Incas, visualizing Aztec and Mayan rituals, and thoroughly basking in the inner light that reflects on those places and landmarks that we all take for granted on an everyday basis.

My inspirations are hard-wired, originating from my ancestral DNA, with a grandfather I never knew who taught art decades ago at Fortier High School, a great aunt and uncle who taught art to children on Long Island, a mother who is a graphic artist, and a cousin who was a graffiti artist in New York City in the 1980s. I salute the wonderful artists of Jackson Square, the beautiful people and eclectic culture of the Bywater neighborhood, and the optimistic energy of the Healing Center. My primary inspirational artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. Although I have no formal or academic visual art training, I give credit to local artist Chuck Ferguson, of the famed Unusual Furnishing Objects / UFO gallery, who has guided me as a teacher and companion over many years on the use of paints, media, and technique, and my father, who has never stopped believing in my talent.

In addition to Tribal, Landscape, and Abstract themes, I created my signature iconic theme of Guitar Heroes, who represent imaginary guitar players in the image of the best of Reggae, Roots, Dead, Psychedelic Rock, and Burning Man musical genres. I also use stained glass applied onto my artwork for color and texture.

Painting has helped me immensely in dealing with and working with the trials and tribulations of life, through centering me into a creative place and heightening my ability to capture those vistas and apparitions in my paintings that allow me to share a glimpse of my inner life with others. I am now painting on re purposed windows that I found on the streets of New Orleans, windows made of cypress, the wood that rose out of the Louisiana swamps to help construct the beautiful architecture of New Orleans. I paint outside on location, using canvas, wood, acrylic paints, spray paints, stained glass, rocks, shells, and polyurethane.